What does an agenda look like for a peer advisory group meeting?

  1. Once a month a group of 8-12 senior business leaders gather in a comfortable location giving a sense of sabbatical with time to recharge, reflect, and sharpen ones focus.
  2. The peer advisory group begins with a devotional – Setting the stage for the day – dedicating my business to the Lord - a focused devotion on a business issue
  3. Discovering the latest in business thinking– Interactive discussion on best in business principles (may include a guest lecturer who is a noted expert on the subject)
  4. Developing my leadership – How does a “Christian Workview” fit with the business principle? Using prewritten theology of work responses, engage in an interactive discussion as a direct application of scriptures to the business
  5. Delving into one member’s issue – this is the main event of the time together as we take a key business issue one of the members are facing and building a framework for a path to resolution
  6. Discernment for one another - each member sharing an issue and praying for one another
  7. Disciple making – using my sphere of influence to interact and influence those around me and encouraging one another to do the same